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Sushi Roll

Sushi Roll

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    The Sushi Go!Dice GameRice and dice!Roll with yourfavorite Sushi Go!characters in thisdice version of thebest-selling cardgame! Load up theconveyor belts withsavory sushi dice -then pick one andpass the rest! Earnpoints for winningcombos like twotempura or a setof sashimi. Grab amenu to re-rollyour dice or usechopsticks to swapwith an opponent.And of course -save room forpudding at the end!Pick up the mostpoints and you’re ona Sushi Roll!

    • 40 scoring tokens
    • 30 dice
    • 20 pudding tokens
    • 18 menu tokens
    • 12 chopsticks tokens
    • 5 conveyor belts
    • 5 trays
    • 1 dice bag
    • Rules of play

  • Details
    Publisher: Gamewright